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Hendrick's Lunar Mule
Fresh Mint & Lime

Hendrick's Lunar Gin

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Strawberry Lime Paloma

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Hornitos Tequila

Rekorderlig Strawberry - Lime Cider

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Delicious drinks, appetizers and food!! And awesome ice cream drinks like grasshoppers and creamsicle. Great service. - Google Review

From the Bar

Over 40  Beers Available


12 Specialty Beers on Tap 

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ice cream drinks!


Pink Squirrel

Brandy Alexander

​Andes Candies

Bailey Bush

Banana Banshee

Golden Cadillac

Blue Tail Fly

Velvet Hammer 

White Dove

​​Peach Old Fashioned
 Crown Royal Peach l Fresh Tangerine & Peach Juice l  Stoneridge Peaches